Endodontics / RCT

Root Canal Treatment is a procedure that saves a tooth following infection or inflammation of the nerve.

The pulp, found in the centre of the tooth and runs to the tip of the root, contains the nerves and vessels of a tooth. Root canal treatment involves the removal of this pulp from within a tooth that has become infected or inflamed, either from deep decay or trauma, which can cause severe pain and/or swelling (an abscess). The root canal system is carefully cleaned, disinfected and filled from the tip of the root, to the centre of the tooth to seal the tooth and prevent further bacteria getting in. The tooth may then need a crown on top to support and protect the tooth further. 

A root canal is an alternative to losing the tooth through extraction and can relieve pain and swelling from an infection. This procedure can be complex depending on the tooth’s anatomy. An X-ray will be taken to identify any difficulties. Your dentist will advise on the complexity of the procedure according to the X-ray.

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